How much will a funeral cost?

Every funeral we arrange is unique and it’s the choices that you make that will determine the final cost of the funeral. We'll guide you through the funeral choices available and give you a clear, written estimate of how much the funeral will cost based on the arrangements you’ve chosen.

In 2018, the total average cost of a funeral was £3,987 including our fees plus third party fees (essential services delivered by others that we will manage on your behalf).

You may like to watch our animation video below for information on paying for a funeral.

When you have made your choices we will provide you with a written estimate of the funeral costs. If, at this stage, you would like to change anything we will help you do this, although any changes may affect the final funeral costs.

The costs of the funeral
At the time of arranging a funeral you will receive a fully itemised written quotation. The costs of a funeral are made up of the following:

  • Professional services which is a fixed fee that covers the full arrangement of a funeral. This includes personal supervision of all the arrangements preceding, during and following the service, liaison with third parties, such as clergy, crematorium, cemetery and florists, use of the funeral home facilities, such as our chapels and private rooms, preparing and attending to all essential documentation and provision of all necessary funeral staff to provide a dignified and personal service
  • Supplementary charges, which include bringing the deceased into our care, presentation of the deceased, embalming and provision of a hearse
  • The cost of the coffin or casket
  • Additional charges such as limousines, additional mileage and cremation casket
  • Payments made on your behalf, known as disbursements, which include fees for the doctor, minister and cremation. We kindly ask for payment for these at the time of making the funeral arrangements

You will receive your fully itemised invoice within 7 days of the funeral. The invoice can be paid in person at your funeral home or at any bank, or by post. You can pay with cash, by cheque or with a debit or credit card.

If you wish the invoice to be referred to a solicitor, please advise us as soon as possible when arranging the funeral. However, please note that you remain responsible for the account being paid in accordance with our terms and conditions.

If there is any part of the invoice you do not understand or agree with, please contact your funeral home to discuss it.

The Simple funeral
For clients wanting to arrange a simple funeral, we offer a ‘Simple Funeral’ option which includes:

  • Our services
  • Attending to necessary arrangements
  • Staff for the funeral
  • A simple coffin suitable for cremation or burial
  • Bringing the deceased into our care within office hours (outside office hours will incur an extra charge)

It doesn’t include:

  • Bringing the deceased into our care outside office hours
  • Embalming
  • Additional transport for the funeral
  • Third party costs

Certain parts of the Simple Funeral option can be tailored to suit your preferences, however some limitations may apply. Our experienced staff will be happy to talk though your needs and help you decide on the options that best suit you.

Meeting the costs of a funeral
The costs of a funeral are defined as a debt against the estate so you may be able to arrange for the funeral to be paid by the estate rather than paying this amount yourself.

You may be able to apply for a Social Fund Funeral Payment to help with funeral costs and we have information on who may be eligible and how to make a claim. Information is also available at the nearest Social Security or Jobs and Benefits Office or Applications can be made online.

Please remember that you are personally liable for any amount in excess of the agreed payment by the Department of Health and Social Security (DHSS), or indeed the whole invoice amount if a payment is not received.

If you do not qualify for a payment we may still be able to advise you on other forms of assistance.