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There are now so many unique and special ways to celebrate the life of a loved one. If you haven’t yet decided what sort of service you would like, take a look at these ideas and speak to us at Holmes of Dungannon Funeral Directors to talk them through, or anything else you might want to discuss, and we’ll see if we can make it happen for you. Let us support, guide and inspire you to create a funeral you never thought was possible.

Alternative and unusual venues

Funerals should always be a celebration of life so consider holding a celebratory event at a hotel or farmyard barn, woodland retreat, a football stadium, club, on a boat, race track, even in the pub. There are now many uplifting venues available for celebratory services, we’d be delighted to talk through all the options with you and help find a suitable venue.

A unique way to scatter ashes

Along with a selection of caskets and decorative urns specifically designed for keeping at home, we have pieces especially for the garden along with urns made from environmentally friendly materials including paper, sand and salt for water burials. You can also now incorporate your loved one’s ashes into a whole array of wonderful events and items. These include jewellery, diamond rings and cuddlestones as part of our keepsake options. These come in a variety of styles and designs and each can hold a small amount of your loved one’s ashes and are ideal for sharing and displaying.

Hearse alternatives

If you want to reflect your loved one’s personality from the very start of the funeral, think about the type of transportation you would like for them. It no longer has to be a traditional hearse, we can now organise alternative vehicles such as a motorcycle hearse, lorries, tractors and horse-drawn hearse amongst others. So, if would like a beautiful horse-drawn carriage fit for a princess or a Harley curling the streets of your local home town that has a personal meaning to your loved one, we can now organise that for you.


A beautiful way to say goodbye that everyone can get involved in is through the release of bio-degradable balloons

Share the funeral with those who can’t be there

Absent friends and family could watch the service afterwards with the use of videoing equipment and we could create video scrolling stories along with photos and video diaries which are available to be shown at family gatherings. This means that those who aren’t able to attend in person can still pay their respects.

Informal Funerals

You might feel that you’ll be reflecting your loved one’s wishes better with a less traditional service. Rather than limousines we could organise other transportation like a people carrier, a coach or minibus and rather than top hats and tails, the Funeral Director and pall bearers can wear more casual suit or a type of suit or costume that may fit your theme or guests style. You might also like to encourage guests to wear bright colours or a particular theme to make the whole occasion feel less formal and more celebratory.

Themed Funerals

Why not pick a theme for your funeral that best reflects your loved one. Theme ideas include football, superheros, the army, fairy tales, motorcycles, country, golf, etc with all elements being personalised. The Funeral Director and bearers can even dress up to be a part of the theme for you.

Themed Funerals

Coffin Sprays

Flower arrangements for the coffin can take various forms to reflect the personality of your loved one. If you would like something in the shape of a football, a club logo, a name or silk arrangements let us know and we can help arrange this for you.

Floral Tributes

Flowers can add a bright and warm touch and reflect the love felt by those attending.

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Funeral prices vary depending on the type of ceremony you would like for your loved one. There are many options to choose from to make it unique and special.

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It is now really easy to plan ahead, making a huge difference by easing the burden on your family when the time comes, so they can focus on the arrangements.

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Holmes of Dungannon Funeral Directors can assist you in every step of the funeral so please don’t hesitate to ask us about any aspects or queries you may have.

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